FI EDUCATION – Module Evaluation

flexible, individual, based on EvaSys

FI EDUCATION is a user-friendly, modular solution for three key aspects
of teacher evaluation. Using the FI Platform, which includes the tried
and tested standard solution, EvaSys, FI EDUCATION offers you all of the
functions you need for paper-based, web-based and hybrid questionnaires
in the education sector.

The three high-quality, customisable and separately available primary
modules group functions by topic and offer you the most flexible
approach possible to visualising your evaluation process.

Data Import

Configure data import processes, from creating and cleaning up structural data to automatically sending questionnaires and email invitations. Reduce the amount of time spent performing processes manually to a minimum by automating processes you only need to define once. Support from a wide range of data sources allows for extensive integration of EvaSys with other systems in your IT landscape.

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Evaluation processes live and die by the active cooperation of everyone involved. Offer your teaching staff and evaluation officers the most important functions for teacher evaluation in an intuitive format, and increase acceptance and enthusiasm for your questionnaire process to achieve high response rates. Overlaid quality targets ensure you are always able to keep an eye on the targets you’ve set.

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Data Export

Compiling and distributing evaluations based on the feedback received are integral to teacher evaluation. Configure data export process regardless of report format (e. g., PDF, Excel, Data Warehouse, etc.) in order to gain key information from the data you’ve collected, and automate these processes to ensure that the valuable feedback provided by those who took part in your questionnaire can be put to immediate use.

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  • Web Application

    FI EDUCATION is a web application that does not require installation on client systems. All features are available via your web browser and can be configured and monitored centrally.

  • Hosting

    FI EDUCATION can be deployed to a server in your local network, alternatively we offer hosting solutions that allow for implementing a Software as a Service (SaaS) approach via our servers which are based in UK data centres.

  • Mobile First

    All FI EDUCATION user interfaces are available via a web browser from desktop computers as well as from mobile devices. The design focuses on balancing ease of use and in depth functionality offered to the individual user roles.

  • Single Sign-on

    Usage of existing EvaSys accounts is fully supported, as well as Single Sign-on services such as Shibboleth, OpenID or Microsoft Active Directory. Data access and privacy settings defined for EvaSys user roles are also fully supported.


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