FI EDUCATION – Import Component

The Import Module allows you to import structural data on teaching events,
teaching staff and your organisation’s organisational  units into EvaSys from
a range of different sources.  Where needed, you can quickly and easily correct
inconsistencies  prior to import, and add additional  evaluation-related information
as  necessary.  Link your executive data system to your EvaSys system, and simplify
recurring activities by configuring automatic data imports.

Combine the folowing features individually

  • Creation of courses, instructors and sub units

  • Creation of questionnaires

  • Creation of surveys

  • Sending of email invitations, reminders and questionnaires

Selection of supported data sources


  • Moodle

  • Web services (SOAP, REST)

  • Database access (JDBC, ODBC)

  • File formats (e.g. XML, CSV, JSON)
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All user interfaces are optimised for ease of use and do support desktop computers as well as mobile devices.