FI EDUCATION – Portal Component

The Portal Module gives you numerous options for intuitively offering
the most frequently applied use cases in feedback management with
EvaSys. Lecturers and administrators can manage questionnaires here and
create new ones as needed if they hold the proper authorisations.

In addition, organisation-wide quality features, such as average return
rate, can be visualised in order to motivate those involved to achieve
quality targets. All of these functions can be customisably packaged and
deactivated as needed.

Engagement portal for instructors

  • Display of survey details (Response rate etc.)

  • Retrieval of questionnaires

  • Retrieval of reports

  • Retrieval of raw data

  • Display of qualitative analysis for surveys (Word clouds)

  • Sending of invitations and reminders for online evaluations

Course portal for instructors

  • Update course delivery details

  • Create surveys for existing courses

  • Create scheduled tasks for surveys